The internet revolution has brought about a number of changes to the way though which people interact across the world. a

  • The finance industry has not been spared these ongoing transformations, with more and more people now shunning brick and mortar companies in preference for the conveniences of doing business online.

The internet has revolutionized ways of making and saving money

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the implementation of strategies that are designed to attract more organic (as opposed to paid) traffic to a website, by having content that ranks high on search engines.

  • Due to the fact that search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, are always refining their algorithms, Search Engine Optimization is an ever evolving trade that demands a high degree of patience and craft.

Cut throat competition for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is, even under normal circumstances, a very competitive venture.  Across the internet, there is an ongoing quest for SEO dominance by businesses in every spectrum of life.

  • This is, quite understandable, considering the amount of material on one subject or the other that is available on the internet today.
  • As an example, looking up “Search Engine Optimization” on Google brings back over twenty three million results.
  • The brutal reality of internet search results is that the majority of these pages will never be viewed. Only those that manage to break through to the first page have a realistic chance of generating leads.
  • That is hardly surprising, considering that only 25% of internet users go beyond the first page of search results.

Search Engine Optimization and the Financial Sector

Let’s face it; the whole world is looking at how to make money. A simple search of the words “How to make money” returns millions of website, many of which claim to have ten, twenty, forty four, forty nine and even fifty surefire ways of making a few extra dollars.

  • The financial services sector is one of the areas in which people have wholly embraced the internet as a medium for doing business.
  • Each day, millions of searches are made that are related to finance. People across the planet look up information about credit cards, interest rates, mortgages, financing for new business and host of other quests.
  • What this means is that, for the savvy financial services company, there is a countless number of customers out there, who are actively trying to have their needs fulfilled.
  • What is more, the finance industry is high value, which means there is a lot of profit to be made through the implementation of strategies that are designed to elevate the rankings of a website on search engines in order to attract more leads.


The whole world is looking at how to make money

Enhancing brand through digital branding

Today, the first thing that people will do before contacting a financial service company for a service is to look it up online.

  • In fact, most people now judge the credibility of a brand or company based on its online presence.
  • That is particularly the case for those in the finance industry, where trust is one of the main drivers of profits.
  • The majority of people expect the companies in whose hands they are entrusting their hard earned money to have an online presence and will often not bother dealing with those that do not.

Challenges for finance industry startups

For those who are new to the Financial Services sector, trying to get ranked competitively on organic searches against established firms can be rather daunting.

  • The nature of the finance industry is such that a lot of the companies that operate in it offer more than one service.
  • An example would be a transnational bank, such as Barclays and Standard Chartered, offering mortgage lending, retail banking and investment banking, among other services.
  • Any startup in this sector would have to compete, not only in terms of the actual products that are on offer, but also when it comes to SEO ranking.
  • One way of doing it is by using “long tail” keywords; the longer phrases that people use when looking for a specific service.

Which financial services are most sought after online?

  • Arguably, most people who make business related online searches are looking at ways of augmenting their incomes.
  • People also go online to look for advice before making personal finance investment decisions.
  • Other most used finance keywords include; finance, yahoo finance, debt finance, credit debt finance, finance loans and equity finance.

SEO Tips for the Finance Industry

A number of things can be done to optimize a company’s presence on search engines. These include;

  1. Thorough Keyword Research
  2. Link building.
  3. Effective meta descriptions
  4. Relevant, world class content
  5. Optimize your website for mobile

It is clear, therefore, that there are a number of challenges when it comes to the optimization of a finance sector website for search engines. However, for those that take the correct route, there is gold to be made in terms of both leads and conversions.




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